Wednesday, May 08, 2024

More pictures than post

The last ten days have been distinguished by their lack of interesting events. It's really quite unusual for me to feel I have nothing much to say. Apart from a visit we had from a delightful English couple we met a year ago in the camper park next to Vereeniging's mooring, there's really nothing much to report. It's been one of those 'a bit of this and a bit of that' periods. 

For a start, the sunny days have been few (about one and a half days a week, literally!) and mostly too windy to undertake any boat painting. I have, however, managed to do some sanding and varnishing on Vereeniging's teak entrance (although I think I'd already started that when I last wrote a blog). What else? Well, now the leak problem in the Crumbly Cottage has been solved (thanks to Lally Brown and her amazing husband) I've also managed to repair and paint the kitchen wall which has finally dried out. The wood has also been ordered to make insulated panelling along the lower half of the kitchen wall against which I might decide to build some cupboards. I'm thinking about that.  And then today, I painted the rendered strip along the bottom of the cottage's external facade.  

So, things are progressing; just very slowly. As I said, 'a bit of this...'. And we are at least talking about going faring this summer. If we have some nice weather soon, a few spuddles might be in order to test things out - the engine, for instance.

For now, though, I am left with not much paid work other than assessments and examining, so I'm writing a lot, reading a lot, doing my DIY projects, and walking. Which brings me to my final 'bit of that' of news. 

My daughter, Jo, and I have signed up for a challenge to complete 100 km each during May in support of Multiple Sclerosis research. I realise I would probably achieve this anyway if I recorded all the walks I do with Zoe, but I am now focusing on doing one recorded walk per day that I add to the score. I don't count the rest. It's resulted in my having achieved 35% of my aim already, so I'm sure I'll manage the whole 100 km by the end of the month.  Jo and I have formed a team, The Can Doers, so if you feel like giving us (and MS research) a bit of support, you can donate here. We'd be very grateful for anything anyone can spare:

So that's it allemaal. Enjoy the rest of your week and I'll finish with some recent photos from our world :)

Intriguing pathway

Hidden waterways

Stormy Zeeland skies

Best buddies

Zoe hiding under a curtain

Two big tugboats on the canal

And the huge sea ship they were towing

Typical Dutch dykeside lane


  1. You've certainly been busy Val what with the ongoing work on Crumbly Cottage. You will be so glad the problem is sorted out at last. Well done to you and your daughter for taking up the 100K challenge for MS. Best of luck. I loved all the photos especially the one of Zoe hiding under the curtain.

    1. Zoe is a constant source of delight, Rebecca. She unconsciously does the funniest things. 😆

  2. Wonderful photos! Love Zoe under the curtain. As always - you are furiously busy and making each day count. Great job on the walk. (Steph)

    1. Ah, I knew you'd love Zoe under the curtain, Steph. She made me laugh so much. Yes, busy times, but nothing very exciting, I'm afraid. I hope you're doing okay too, my dear. xxx

  3. Great update, Val! I'm so glad you have managed to sort out the crumbly cottage issues. Bravo to Lally and her hubby! I think it's fantastic that you're undertaking the walk, good for you. I love the photos, and especially that one of your gorgeous Zoe peeping from under the curtain. What a sweetheart! :D xxx

    1. Beth, I'm so sorry I never replied to your comment. Many, many thanks! I'm not doing very well with keeping up at the moment, but I'm so pleased you enjoyed the post. Big hugs XXXX


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