Monday, October 25, 2010

Hmmmmmm...what do you think happened here?

Ahem...yes, you've got the first part right. This is our van. Last night in fact. Now let's see who can get creative here. How do you suppose it got into this sticky position? I shall look forward to a plethora of brilliant ideas....oh and yes, NO brownie points for the following excuses:

1. It was me driving...
2. The brakes didn't work.
3. It was me driving and I forgot to brake.
4. Sindy distracted us by jumping out the back door.
5. It was me driving and Sindy distracted me by....etc.
6. The back door opened suddenly and upended the van.
7. It was me who opened the door.
8. It was Koos's fault
9. It was me who blamed Koos anyway.
10. Koos just wanted a really good action photo so I obliged but forgot to stop.

Haha, now I've disposed of all the usual suspects, you really have to come up with something good!

Then I'll tell you what really happened :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vivid Vernazza, Jewel of Liguria

I don't have time to write much at the moment, but I did want to share these few photos I took of Vernazza on the Cinque Terre coastal route last weekend. I did the hike with my friend, Sonja, and that is another story altogether, which I will probably tell another time.

Vernazza was definitely my favourite place (closely followed by Riomaggiore) so these pics give just an idea of how charming it is. What they don't show, though, is the wonderful liveliness of this small town; a bustling community where old people pass the time of day outside, sitting and chatting on street benches, where dogs and cats dash around leading there own busy lives, and young people call to each other across ancient balconies of yellow stone and peeling terracotta paint. I just loved it.