Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A little piece of my history

When I first bought the Vereeniging in December 2001, the man who helped Koos and I bring it back to Rotterdam from the east of the country published this article about my barge and its engine on his website, and tonight, I found it again! The old photo at the top is of the Vereeniging when it was first built in 1898, the one next to it is just after our arrival in Rotterdam and you can see the Hoop (of my WW blog) lying next to it. The other photo at the bottom of the page is of us on the way from Grave to Rotterdam. That frozen looking dark haired body on my barge is my good self, and the figure standing in the wheelhouse of the tug boat is Koos. Ahhh nostalgia!

By popular demand,(ok,ok, I got the message ;-))here is a link to a hilarious translation of that page, courtesy of Babel fish translator on I know I can make more sense of it, but this is such a hoot!