Monday, July 28, 2008

Koop een boot, werk je dood

An evening shot of the Hennie H as it is now, and I mean this evening. It's hard to see but the top part of the hull is dark green

Loosely translated this means that when you buy a boat you're likely to work yourself to death...and we have three. Oh my! These last few weeks have been taken up almost exclusively by work on the new barge, and my Vereeniging too. The pictures below show a glimpse of what we've been up to.

These two photos are of the Hennie H on the slipway. The result of this inspection has been a month of hard graft, repairing the steel, painting the bottom and re-fitting the engine room which was such a disaster, the Insurance Inspector nearly cried. The little barge is also now a completely different colour, but I'll take some pics of it tomorrow when I've done some more painting.

These two photos were taken this last week when Philip (of Watery Ways fame) welded steel plates behind my wooden panels on the Vereeniging. It was a big job but with Koos and I helping him with the preparation and fire protection, he did it all in three I have to re-build my interior.... ah me!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My angle on Koos's big six oh

Well this was Koos's face when he opened up the package with his new lens inside. I think it's just precious - okay maybe a tad theatrical - but that's what makes it special. He really was chuffed with it though.

We had a proper Dutch birthday party - yes we did - all in a circle, but with umbrellas. Well, we had to be a bit different now, didn't we?
The two ladies sitting on either side of Koos are his sisters, Kobie and Rikki, and a very sweet pair they are too.

Jodie looking pensive in the rain. The other girl is the partner of Koos's son Sanne

Then when all was said and done and the food demolished and the drinking started, we got out instruments out.

I'll publish some more on Picasa soon, but this just shows a good time was had by all