Monday, June 19, 2006

Gypsy: This is for YOU

You've come to mean so much to all of us,
so hoping you enjoy today and every other
day with us on blogland.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Father's Day Tribute to my Pa

Inspired by Anne Marie's heartwarming post about her father, I am shamelessly copying her for my own tribute to my beloved Pa, who as I write, lies infirm and totally disabled by all the strokes he has had in a north London nursing home. I have photos of him as he is now, but they are too sad and reflect nothing of the kind, intelligent and gentle soul that he used to be - a caring Daddy to my sister and me, and a wonderful grandfather to my daughters. He stimulated any artistic inclinations any of us had, and encouraged us to be forever curious about our world. From him, I know I learnt what is is to keep a sense of wonder about nature and its ways.  
 These pictures were taken in London at the end of the 80's when I escaped a crumbling marriage to spend some time back in England. I feel you can see the kindness beaming from his face, and the picture below in Trafalgar Square is typical of the attention he paid my little daughters. When we were young, he was very busy with his work and so didn't have this kind of 'quality' time to spend with us, but I do remember it was my Pa who always made sure we had our 'brolleys' when it was raining and buttoned our coats up before we went to school....bless him..


Monday, June 12, 2006

25 Years and still Rocking!

This last weekend I was in the UK with my sister and her husband (a.k.a Toots and Chris) to help them celebrate their Silver Wedding anniversary. It was a terrific party because my brother-in-law plays drums for a rock and roll band of which he at fifty something is the youngest member! They put on a really great show and we danced until the blisters on our feet popped and were just too tired to rock any more. This pic is of my sister (left) with Laurance (centre), a French friend who came all the way from southern Champagne to be there and Rozzy (right)one of my sister's twin daughters.

In this photo, you can just see Chris behind his drum kit. I saw them play last year, and cannot believe the improvement this time round, especially with big bro-in-law who has gained so much confidence. We were really out Zak Starkey!

My sister and her babies, Sophy and Rozzy, the two sweetest girls (apart from mine and Dale's and Gypsy's) in the universe! There is an older sister, Sarah, who was also there, and is also lovely, but somehow she never came in shot.

Finally, it had to be done! The Family Photo! But, sadly, I still didn't get Sarah or Sophy, who also vanished at that point. Here, you can see from right to left: Brothers Chris and Nick, then sister Toots, Rozzy, Diana wife of Chris, Liz wife of Nick and lastly, the beautiful Eleanor, youngest of Nick's three daughters. I'm so sorry poor Diana is pulling such a face here and I didn't notice it until after the party when they had all gone and couldn't do a re-take..She was so much fun on the dance floor. Hard to believe she's just retired!

It was great to be with my brothers again, because I hardly ever see them - the last time was four years ago at Chris's son's wedding. We lead very different lives, and never really know what each other is doing, but it was good to spend those few hours remembering that we really are a family, and I can just be thankful for occasions like these that give us the reason and motivation we need to keep that bond alive.

Thank you Toots and Chris for a memorable evening. I wouldn't have missed it for the world, and may you have another 25 wonderful years together.